Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Contract Your contract is with Altitude LLC (Company N° 405134135), the owner of the mountain hut Altihut and herein after referred to as “the Company” or “we” and “You”, “the client”, are subject to the following conditions:
  2. Booking Procedure The Company provides two options for booking the services offered, it can be done ether via official website or via e-mail request trough

2.1. Option 1 website The prices and services are provided on the company’s website: The booking can be done after registration procedure. Once registration is completed and order is placed, you will be notified regarding the status of your order via E-mail within 24 hours. You will receive an E-mail notification confirming your order in case of availability. After conformation of your booking, you are requested to login to your profile to proceed with the payment. Please note: the payment for the order should be made within three days. After expiry of this period, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system, to secure the booking the full amount has to be paid in advance.

2.2. Option 2 enquiry via e-mail You can enquire our services via contact form the website or directly through our e-mail We will check availability and provide you the invoice for the Bank transfer. Please note that the booking is only secured in case of a pre-payment of the full amount (in exceptional cases a deposit payment can be negotiated).

  1. Acceptance The Company reserves the right to refuse bookings from any prospective clients that are deemed unsuitable.
  2. Changes Made or cancellations by the Client In high-mountain terrain, not everything can be planned for, and we understand the need to postpone or cancel. Nevertheless, it is up to the client to inform the company of any delays, cancellations and route changes in good time. Changes to group sizes and reservations must be reported by the client at the latest by three (3) days ahead the night booked. If you wish to cancel your booking we must receive confirmation of this in writing, by email. Cancellations by the client are subject to the following charges: – 42 days or more before the night booked; full reimbursement except the bank charges. – Between 41 and 20 days before the night booked; Penalty of 50% of total cost. – 19 days or less before the night booked; Penalty of 100% of total cost.
  3. Cancellations or Alterations by the Company The Company reserves the right to cancel any of the bookings no less than 42 days before the night booked and will try to offer you another dates, or, alternatively, offer you a full refund. We accept no liability for compensation beyond this refund. We may be forced to cancel your stay for reasons beyond our control or “force majeure”. This we define as war or threat of war, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil action, decisions by governments or governing authority, natural disaster, bad weather, or similar circumstances beyond our control.
  4. Flight Arrangements As your flight arrangements will be made independently, the Company accepts no liability for this portion of your holiday. We only accept liability for the elements of the trip that we are contracted to supply.
  5. Prices All prices on the website are quoted in Georgian Lari (GEL) and include statutory value-added tax (VAT). Prices remain subject to change.
  6. Jurisdiction All matters concerning the booking shall be subject to the laws and regulations of The Republic of Georgia.
  7. Insurance It is compulsory that every client is adequately insured against personal accident and medical expenses. It is your responsibility to check that any adventure sports to be undertaken in your trip are covered by your policy.
  8. Passports & Visas It is your responsibility to ensure you have correct and valid documentation to enter The Republic of Georgia. At time of writing, British, American, Canadian, Australian, and Irish nationals do not require a visa to travel to Georgia, just a valid passport with at least six months validity on it. Similar rules apply to most EC countries. However, for more details please visit for the full list and details of entering the country. It is your responsibility to double check the latest information with the relevant Consulate well in advance of your holiday and the company recommends to make the necessary enquires as early as possible.
  9. Additional rules and conditions Please review in details the list of the rules and advises below: Advice & Rules for our Dearest Altihut 3014 Guests from all around the Galaxy Dear guests, we are delighted and privileged to welcome you on board at Altihut 3014. Please DO NOT PANIC & respect the advice and rules below to enable yourself as well as fellow guests to fully enjoy your time spent with us. Please, also be advised, that with respecting this advice, we are trying to assist the local environment to maintain its virginity and safety, for that you are the main game changers and we expect you will perform your level best to maximize your positive footprint on Kazbegi mountain.

Please register once on entering Altihut @Registration with the friendly staff who will assist you to board comfortably and safely in Altihut

It is strictly prohibited to smoke any type of smoking substances in Altihut, we smoke only fresh alpine air which is a compliment from our team and forces of universe (the light side ones)

Please, use Alti-Slippers in Altihut, you may select your size at the entrance; it will allow us to keep Altihut clean for you and provide relaxation for your feet after a nice walk

Please take care of the room and bedding as well as the common area, lounge, toilets, nature and Planet Earth. Please remember, that if you leave garbage here, it affects our Planet in general, no matter where you are from…

It is recommended to remain calm after 21:00 Altihut time, and express your emotions in “quiet mode”, to give other guests the possibility to relax (unless they deserve to be annoyed)

Electricity in Altihut is switched off from 23:00 to 05.00

Please take care of your room and bed before leaving

It is prohibited to serve and prepare your own food or drinks in Altihut

Bringing your own Alcohol and other heavy drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

Please be informed, that it is a serious challenge to manage waste at this elevation. While our engineers, scientists and wizards are working hard to implement the safest and most harmless way of disposing the waste from the planet, even at this elevation [as kind bacteria’s who are in charge of this process at an ordinary elevation can’t work here at all, before the solution is completed please take care of your own garbage and waste, we would appreciate this as we are sure Planet Earth would do. Please keep in mind that, an average person leaves 120 grams of waste behind that is very easy to carry back to the civilized world for recycling. Thank You

 No Pets are allowed in Altihut

It is prohibited to be an ass-hole in Altihut and on planet Earth in General

It is prohibited to be shy, reluctant and incompatible in Altihut Disclaimer Please be informed, that Altihut 3014 is a private Impact Investment project, which is commissioned, funded and built by a few Earthmen (who are not neither oligarchs nor rich) with the assistance of known and unknown (but legal) forces. The project is aimed to improve the overall situation at high altitude, to solve waste management problems and improve the general security as well as to provide comfort and peace of mind to our guests, from this planet as well as from outside our Galaxy. This is our (earthmen’s) CSR project to minimize our negative footprint at such an elevation. You are the major part of this change and your attention to details is essential. THANK YOU for your support and enjoy the atmosphere and views of the Caucasus Mountains that was created especially for you many millions of years ago.

1. Because of labor unions and some well-known and even very dubious unknown regulations.
2. Sorry for that, but yes, this is a rule and we are bearing this responsibility.