Mountain rescue hut on elevation of 3,700 masl – the new project of Altihut team

Altihut team is about to launch a new project that will be realized in two stages, during 2023 and 2024. This is a new Mountain Rescue Hut in Kazbegi, on the way to the Summit of Mkinrvartsveri (Kazbek) 5054, most popular and visited places in Georgia for adventure tourists. The hut will be constructed on elevation of 3,700 masl, near Bethlemi Hut (so called Meteo station).

The new Hut will create a new Mountain Rescue infrastructure, fully equipped with modern equipment required for emergency response to address specific needs of hikers and mountaineers visiting this destination. The Mountain rescue unit will consist of at least three paramedic Mountain Rescuers and doctor, during full active season. It will provide medical, first aid and rescue services to the visitors of the area. It will also accommodate at least 15 visitors and travelers with full comfort and peace of mind.

Also, will serve as a permanent base for mountain rescue training and exchange with European expertise in this fields.

Altihut, is the pioneer in the field of sustainable and adventure tourism in Georgia and in Caucus region, it has created totally new infrastructure on the elevation of 3014 masl on the way to the summit of mount Kazbek. This new project is the evolutional development of the goals, based on the values and strategy of Altihut founders, three Georgian entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Besides offering space for rescue infrastructure, this new project will strive to address waste management challenges, negatively affecting attractiveness of this destination and challenges of climate change.

The project will try to minimize the negative impact on the environment by setting up a waste management system involving all the stakeholders in the region, The activities will be set up in line with our long-time motto in mind – “think globally, act locally” and #takecareofourplanet. Our goal is to minimizing the negative impact of Global Climate Change on the Planet from our country’s location and perspective.

The hut will be produced in Wiel, Switzerland, by the same company that produced Altihut – S.Muller Holzebau AG 

This project is realized in cooperation with Swiss Company “Bally Peak Outlook Foundation

As they have decided to join forces with Altihut trio to implement the project jointly. Bally will also provide the training for local paramedics, mountain guides and mountain rescuers on an annual basis, in cooperation with the Swiss company “Air Zermatt”.

In connection with this project, on February 23, 2023, a visit the Bally Peak outlook Foundation is scheduled to Georgia:

Edoardo Cela  – Head of the Executive Committee, Bally Peak Outlook Foundation

Alex Preston – Member of the Board. Writer, author and a journalist

Dawa Steven Sherpa – Member of the Board, Bally Pick outlook Foundation. Alpinist, adventurer and climate advocate

Alex Fox – British Diplomat

Tom Edmunds – film director

Hugo Ure – Troy Asset Management

Charles Lindsay – Head of Legal, ICE

Quentin Soucek – Entrepreneur

Justin Fitzpatrick – CEO, Full Circl

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