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About project

Altihut is opening a new chapter in development of the adventure tourism in Georgia. It is aimed to make tracking, hiking and mountaineering accessible and attractive in Caucasus Region to bigger audience then it is today. By constructing the HUT named AltiHut 3.014, Company Altitude is offering exceptional, professional and flexible services to our guests in a sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly way; our mission is to make the stay unforgettable experience in our hut and in the Country.

Our Vision is to act as a change agent and make fundamental shift in adventure tourism and mountaineering culture in Georgia and make Georgian mountainous regions and adventure tourism valuable based on responsible leadership i.e. managing natural, economic and human resources responsibly and minimize our impact upon them. With this Impact Investment, Altihut team strives to deliver and create new Eco System in Kazbegi region, in order to make the climbing, tracking and hiking more secure and environmentally friendly.


Altihut is located on elevation of 3,014 MASL near Sabertse pass in the surroundings of the Gergeti Glacier on the way to the Mountain Kazbegi (5,054 m). It is located 800 m above the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church (XIV C) and at 600 m below the Bethlemi hut. The location was carefully selected after numerous visits together with various theme experts: avalanche specialists, geologists, civil engineers, local guides and tourism professionals. The chosen location of the AltiHut 3.014 situates above the village Stepantsminda (1’700m ASL), 156 km away from the capital Tbilisi in the North.

The reason of choosing the location was determined with the absence of elementary waste management solution in the area. As it is much visited place, it was under the threat to become one of the dirtiest places on the planet. The initial aim ot the project was to install basic waste management system on this location… So this is how it started…

Our Team

Martina Ramming

Fascinated by the Caucasus region she has become first expat partner in the project. Martina has lived and worked in Georgia and in Caucasus Region for years.

David Chichinadze

Engineer, Disaster Risk Reduction specialist. Has worked all over the Georgia, taking a lead role in projects in difficult locations. since 2019 David took the responsability of Executive Director of the company

Mamuka Nikoladze

Prominent geologist and Speleologist. Chairmen of Voluntary Mountain Rescue Association. Official partner in Georgia of world’s well-known brands, such are: Salewa, Petzl, Julbo, Elan, Tendon, Ortovox

Sabrina Dapor

Along with her husband Michele Righli, Sabrina is a great friend of Georgia. Michele also is an acting mountain rescuer in Italy.

George Keshelashvili

Experienced IT professional, Investor and consultant, occupying senior positions in Georgia’s leading and large companies such as BOG, Georgian Card and E-Space...

Nikoloz Alavidze

With strong background in finance and banking in Georgia. He Occupied highest positions in the leading banks in Georgia. He was also very active in private investment fund management and acts as an angel investor.

Taylor Beckwith-Ferguson
Taylor Beckwith-Ferguson
Amazing place over 3000 meters with the best views! Altihut is a perfect hike in summer or winter. The beds are comfortable, the staff is amazing, the terrace is so beautiful you could spend all day just looking at the view. If you're visiting Kazbegi region, I would make staying a night or two in Altihut a top priority.
Vagabond Adventures
Vagabond Adventures
Staying in Altihut is an absolutely unique experience that cannot be achieved anywhere else in Georgia. The view of Mt Kazbeg is unreal, the opportunities for hiking and ski touring from the hut are incredible, the fireplace is warm, and the people are friendly. We are an adventure tourism company and we take our clients on snowshoe hikes and ski tours to Altihut because there is simply nowhere else comparable. All of our groups have loved it!
Dominik Krüger
Dominik Krüger
Wir haben hier übernachtet und hatten einen sehr schönen Abend auf der Hütte mit interessanten Gesprächen mit einem der Eigentümer. Auch das Personal ist super freundlich und sympathisch! Im Vergleich zu vielen anderen Hütten wie z.B. im Alpenraum über 3.000m Höhe ist Altihut deutlich komfortabler. Auch Ende Oktober war es durch den großen Holzofen angenehm warm. Man darf nur nicht vergessen dass man sich nicht im Tal befindet 😉
Arina Abbott
Arina Abbott
Absolutely beautiful hut in a stunning mountain environment. Very comfortable place to rest after a day of ski touring in the area.
Chris Hughs
Chris Hughs
Amazing and beautiful place! I stayed here for a night with a group of friends and it was a very memorable experience. The facilities are extremely nice and comfortable for a hut at 3,000 meters and Davit and Sopo are great hosts! We had great conversations and made s’mores around the fire after a beautiful day of skitouring. Highly recommend this place and can’t wait to stay there again!
Sophie Nikoladze
Sophie Nikoladze
Luxurious mountain hut with breathtaking view on Kazbegi mountain. At elevation 3.014 you can enjoy comfortable bed, clean toilet, warm food and good company. Except showers, this place has everything you need to relax - a bar with different drinks, pleasant music and even a library!!! 🙂
Clint Pemberton
Clint Pemberton
Great spot, friendly staff and AMAZING hot chocolate!
Lucas Bartels
Lucas Bartels
A must stay if you are on your way up or down. Warm, cozy, everything you need and super friendly staff. Don’t hesitate!
David Eggert
David Eggert
Beautiful and cozy! Highly recommended. We have stayed here for one night.


First you have to arrive to Stephantsminda, from there you may get to Gergeti village, and to Gergeti Trinity Church, form where there is a hiking trail to AltiHut. It will take approximately 2,5 hours to get to the AltiHut.

It is approximately 6 km, the trail is easy to medium difficulty walking.

Tracking shoes, tracking sticks (recommended), hat, rain coat hat and water.

You can make a reservation from HERE. or by contacting us on our e-mail address:

AltiHut is open for summer and winter seasons. We start our summer season usually by the mid-June and keep the hut open until the end of October. Winter season – AKA ski touring / snowshoeing season starts in February and lasts till the end of April. We also operate off seasons for the groups larger than 4 persons upon request.

Gergeti Trinity Church elevation – 2.170m. AltiHut – 3.014m. Mt. Kazbek – 5.054m.
No, there are no signs on but it is very easy to find the path. From the parking lot of the Gergeti trinity church you can see the trail leading to AltiHut. There are 2 trails (on the ridge and in the valley) both will bring you to AltiHut.
Trinity church to AltiHut – Easy to moderate (mostly easy). From AltiHut to Meteo Station – moderate.
No, you don’t need a guide during the summer season (but you are welcome to get one for your piece of mind if you prefer). There are two trails leading to AltiHut, almost next to each other. There is no dangerous passages, cliffs, crevices on these trails. During the winter / skitouring / Snowshoeing season there are parts of trail with potential avalanche danger. Therefore, a knowledgeable guide is recommended.
Yes, we would recommend to hire a guide as crossing the glacier can be potentially dangerous. We are happy to recommend some of the best tracking or mountaineering guides.
Interesting tours around AltiHut you can find here. You may make a reservation by contacting us on our e-mail address:
You do not need to be an athlete to hike up to the hut. The better physical condition you are in faster and easier you trek.
No, we do not rent equipment. We can recommend rental shops in Tbilisi and Stepantsminda. Check these links…
To get to AltiHut takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on your fitness level and group size. To hike down usually takes less time.
We try to offer as much comfort as possible to our guests, however AltiHut is still a mountain hut. Accordingly, in winter season you are expected to bring along your sleeping bag or mountain hut sleeping bag (special thin inlay). During the summer season we offer full bedding. However, we do not provide toiletry to the guests.
It depends on the purpose of your visit: Winter season for ski touring and snowshoeing – February-April. Summer season for recreational purpose June-September. Summer season for Mt. Kazbek climb – mid July-end of September.
No, there are no trash cans. We strongly suggest to keep your trash on you and empty when you are back.
No, there is no spring water on the way. There is a spring on the wild camping place near the AltiHut.
No, we do not. But we can arrange both upon request.
For AltiHut cancelation policy click HERE.
We can recommend local guides, both tracking and mountaineering.
Yes, there is a Wi-Fi in AltiHut and it’s free for our guests.
Yes, there is a bar with wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Unfortunately, AltiHut is not pet friendly. But we do adore animals.
The only animals you’ll meet on the way to AltiHut are the local doggies, chasing you for food. They will accompany you all the way to the hut and wait patiently till you share some sandwich or apple.
Absolutely not. Although you could fly up to the hut with the helicopter from Stepantsminda. The transfer service can be offered by Wucher helicopters and Aero Expedition.
During the Summer season AltiHut offers comfortable bathrooms with running water to our guests. Other than that there are no any above mentioned amusements anywhere near AltiHut. During the winter season all the water at 3000m is frozen. We have some reserves of drinking water and in addition we are melting snow. However do not expect running water.
Yes you can. You will need to book it in advance.

Do you have any other questions?