About Us


Altihut is opening a new chapter in the development of the adventure tourism in Georgia. It is aimed to make trekking, hiking and mountaineering accessible and attractive in the Caucasus Region to a bigger audience then it is today. By constructing the HUT named AltiHut 3.014, the Company Altitude is offering exceptional, professional and flexible services to our guests in a sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly way; our mission is to make the stay an unforgettable experience, in our hut and in the country.
Our vision is to act as a change agent and make a fundamental shift in adventure tourism and mountaineering culture in Georgia and make the Georgian mountainous regions and adventure tourism valuable based on responsible leadership i.e. managing natural, economic and human resources responsibly and minimize our impact on them. With this Impact Investment, the Altihut team strives to deliver and create a new Eco System in the Kazbegi region, in order to make the climbing, trekking and hiking more secure and environmentally friendly.


Altihut is located on the elevation of 3,014 MASL above the village Stepantsminda (1’700 MASL), 156 km north from the capital Tbilisi. It is situated near the Sabertse pass in the surroundings of the Gergeti glacier on the way to the Mount Kazbegi (5,054 m). It is located 800 m above the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church (XIV C) and 600 m below the Bethlemi hut.
The location was carefully selected after numerous visits and assessments together with thematic experts: avalanche specialists, geologists, civil engineers, local guides and tourism professionals.
A reason for choosing the location was the absence of a basic waste management solution in the area. As it is a much visited place, it was threatened to become one of the dirtiest places on the planet. The initial aim of the project was to install a basic waste management system on this location… So this is how it started…

Our Team

Martina Ramming

Fascinated by the Caucasus region she has become first expat partner in the project. Martina has lived and worked in Georgia and in Caucasus Region for years.

David Chichinadze

Engineer, Disaster Risk Reduction specialist. Has worked all over the Georgia, taking a lead role in projects in difficult locations. since 2019 David took the responsability of Executive Director of the company

Mamuka Nikoladze

Prominent geologist and Speleologist. Chairmen of Voluntary Mountain Rescue Association. Official partner in Georgia of world’s well-known brands, such are: Salewa, Petzl, Julbo, Elan, Tendon, Ortovox

Sabrina Dapor

Along with her husband Michele Righli, Sabrina is a great friend of Georgia. Michele also is an acting mountain rescuer in Italy.

George Keshelashvili

Experienced IT professional, Investor and consultant, occupying senior positions in Georgia’s leading and large companies such as BOG, Georgian Card and E-Space...

Nikoloz Alavidze

With strong background in finance and banking in Georgia. He Occupied highest positions in the leading banks in Georgia. He was also very active in private investment fund management and acts as an angel investor.


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